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Buffoli Flexible Machines


Flexible Transfers with Multi-Process Centers

Trans-N-Center Flexible Transfer

With respect to the average “commodity” transfer machines, the Trans-N-Center machines are designed to cover a much wider application field, maintaining the typical transfer machine productivity. They are capable of one clamping machining of large families of complex parts.

Trans-N-Center Multi-Process Center

Trans-N-Center machines are simultaneously transfer machines, machining centers and turning centers. They are the ideal solution for machining a wide range of parts in a family with numerous operations.

Short operations are incorporated into patented Multi-process centers with tool change in 0.3-0. 6 sec. They are compact Multi-axis modules, with up to 4 different tools, capable of discrete machining processes performed sequentially or randomly (e. g. center drill, tap drill, tap or any kind of interpolated milling). They allow the reduction of the number of spindles and of the machine size; thus improving process capability, set-up time and machine versatility.

Sample Trans-N-Center Parts


A Revolution In Flexible Machining

Omni-Flex Flexible Transfer

Finally the real flexible transfer has arrived!

Omni-Flex is Unique…
… it combines both flexibility and productivity without compromise;
… it allows machining with up to 11 turrets simultaneously;
… it has no equal for compactness and rigid design;
… it accepts the Buffoli fast and precise multi-recessing and multi-profiling heads for precision machining functionality through advanced CNC controlled interpolation of low-cost standard inserts.

Sample Omni-Flex Parts