Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

Buffoli Transfer Machines


Double Production Transfer Machines

Buffoli is the world specialist in double-production transfer machines for the machining of 2/4 or even 8 parts/cycle (up to over 10,000 nuts/hour; 2,500 parts/hour for elbows, tees, radiator valves and steel nuts).

Our indexing turrets are built for long-term operations at the highest levels of productivity. Many installations have been operating at less than one second cycle times 24/7 for 30 years and more.

Trans-Double Transfer Machine

Our automated loading systems have evolved over 40 years of experience and now feature incomparable efficiency levels.

To guarantee maximum machine utilization, Buffoli machines also feature quick change over.

Our loading systems include fault monitoring, which detects parts incorrectly clamped and ejects them automatically, preventing costly tool damage and machine down-time.

Sample Trans-Double Parts


Multi-Sided Precision Transfer Machines

Buffoli is a world specialist in customized solutions for the machining of medium or high part volumes requiring precision multi-sided machining inside a 250 mm3 (12 in3 ).

Multi-Way Transfer Machine

Since 1976, Buffoli has introduced various patented solutions for machining parts in 4 directions in one clamping (without the use of indexing fixtures) or up to 5-6 directions with precision indexing chucks or rotating jaws.

Transfer machines belonging to the Multi-Way family are designed for the machining of families of parts in 3-4-5 or more directions, offering the desired balance between productivity and versatility.

Tooling change over is done in a very short time (15-90 min.), allowing small batch production.

Sample Multi-Way Parts