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Buffoli Turning Machines


Precision Static Bar CNC Turning Machines

The Trans-Bar is a transfer machine designed and built specifically for high efficiency bar machining. The basic elements have been custom engineered into a machining system that meets the unique challenges presented by bar stock parts.


Trans-Bar machines are built in standard or special production models and can be equipped with movable spindles or multi- process centers. They are produced in three bar size ranges:

The 7-25mm and the 7-45mm versions have the unique advantage of double production, that is two bars at a time (allowing up to 3-4 times the effective production of screw machines).

Not only are Buffoli bar machines able to reach high production volumes (up to over 10,000 parts/hour) but the CNC versions are extremely flexible and versatile, with change over times ranging from only 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours (our customers change over the machine 2, 3 or more times/ day, running batches of 1,000-5,000 pieces).

Sample Trans-Bar Parts


Transfer Integrating Turning Centers

The Omni-Turn is a totally new concept for machining precision parts requiring accurate and heavy turning operations combined with other shorter machining operations.

Omni-Turn Schematic

Omni-Turn machines combine rotating part and rotating tool processes, resulting in cycle time and productivity improvements of up to 300%. Since there is no need to split critical machining operations, part quality is optimized.

An Omni-Turn combines a rotary table with several lathe units in an integrated machine. All the turning operations are carried out independently in the lathe units in one single clamping; thereby ensuring extremely tight concentricity tolerances and high quality surface finishes. The turning operations, executed with the part rotating, can be done subsequent to, or in between those operations performed with rotating tools. These processing options maximize quality, precision and cycle time, when machining complex turned parts. The flexibility of the system, completely CNC-controlled, is also an ideal manufacturing solution for families of parts in medium or small batches.

The transfer area is utilized to execute pre-machining operations (such as centering and facing) and any subsequent operations with rotating tools (like milling, broaching, transversal holes). Loading of the blanks or of the bar stock and unloading of the finished part is fully automated.

Sample Omni-Turn Parts