Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

Bumotec 6-7 Axis Mill / Turn Transfer Centers

2. Temperature Control

You cannot be serious about the highest level of precision and stability without temperature control. The S-191 offers standard water cooling of the main spindle axis, the sub spindle axis, the linear motor slide axes, the swiveling B axis and the tool spindle. Used in conjunction with our coolant chiller, say goodbye to warm up cycles. Refer to page 6 and 7 of our brochure for a real time case history of stop and start production.

3. We’re Serious About Turning Capability

We take the word Turn in Mill / Turn seriously. A superior tool holder locking system insures the perfect positioning for fixed turning tools in 45° increments. Bumotec’s unique ceramic hybrid bearing spindle is also designed to automatically shift forces away from the center shaft when switching from milling to turning. This feature is particularly beneficial for tough interrupted cuts or accidental spindle impacts by preventing the shock which would normally be absorbed by the bearings. The design also allows customers to incorporate broaching operations into the part process. Refer to page 9 of our brochure for more details.

4. Fanuc 31 i Control – Fully Optioned with Hand Interpolation

The S-191 utilizes the latest in CNC control technology. The Bumotec difference is the control arrives with all features turned on. Forget about paying thousands more as you option up your control from a basic version. Additionally, there is a large library of custom macros and routines developed by Bumotec at no additional cost to you to increase your efficiency.