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DMT’s New Modular Leak Test System

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Base Machine Platform
DMT Leak Test Systems Picture
Modular Sub-Plate Fixture
DMT Leak Test Systems Picture
Modular Fixture mounted on Base Platform

In a manufacturing climate of shorter runs and shorter production contracts DMT is pleased to introduce a new line of leak testing machinery with unparalleled flexibility. The use of a common machine platform used together with quick change modular sub plate fixtures, allows a realistic and cost effective approach to accommodate multiple part testing within a facility. Changeovers are measured in minutes.

DMT’s unique PLC based leak test controller allows its users selectable test parameters, selectable clamping sequences as well as selectable sealing sequences. The control system has the capability to retain unique calibration data for each part or test performed on the machine. Calibration is performed by testing a known volume chamber to insure reliability and accuracy and avoid the possibility of calibrating to a leaking seal or part. This process insures the accuracy of the test results thereby eliminating the possibility of shipping leaking parts. Results are reported in either a leak rate (SCFM), or pressure decay (delta PSI).

Error proofing is also an integral feature of DMT’s leak test systems. Test results are constantly analyzed and compared to historical values and if results very outside of limits, the operator is prompted to investigate. Test results are also categorized by severity of the leak. This feature aids in the determination if parts can be repaired and what type of repair is required.

Turn to DMT and TPS for unparalleled flexibility, performance and features.

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