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Famar Vertical Turning Lathes
Famar Ergo
Famar Sub 160
Famar Tandem
Famar Technical Data

     TPS distribution in Canada only.

     Welcome to the new and exciting world of inverted spindle turning centers by Famar, Italy. Only Famar offers a machine lineup that includes part clamping capacity to 600 mm diameter, sub-series machines and tandem machines. Famar’s inverted, mobile spindle eliminates the need for special part loading and unloading equipment or robots. The design allows the spindle, with its integrated part chuck, to actually load and unload itself. Turn with uncompromising rigidity and power.

Internal part clamping in use with single tooling block

Famar’s patented machine base is filled with polymer concrete to offer the highest possible level of vibration dampening and thermal stability.

Famar Ergo
Model 160
Model 210
Model 250
Model 350
Model 600
This single spindle machine series is offered in left and right hand versions offering chuck sizes from 160 – 600 mm diameter. Ergo machines offer a choice of static or driven tool turrets or the possibility of adding an auxiliary machining or grinding unit.

Famar Sub 160
Short machining strokes, low friction guideways, 2g of acceleration, a polymer concrete base, 8,000 spindle rpm and an impressive 3-second load/unload time makes the Famar Sub-series machine superior in its class.

Famar Tandem
Famar’s Tandem series machines offer a dual, independent spindle design providing the output of two machines in one compact foot print.

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