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The Hobe System

Hobe Lathe Tools
Hobe Lathe Tools

The Hobe auto set / quick change system was developed for efficient internal micro bore lathe operations. The Hobe system comprises two unique components, the Hobe tool holder and the mating Hobe internal operation cutting tool.

The Hobe tool holder is designed with several unique features. A knurled cap screw is utilized to allow for simple cutting tool change without the need for hand tools. Tools can be inserted or removed into the holder by simply loosening or tightening the knurled cap screw by hand. The second function of the cap screw design is to assure that the cutting tool is properly seated in the holder when the cap screw is tightened. This occurs when the cap screw engages with the unique shoulder ring of the Hobe cutting tool.

Each Hobe holder is also designed with a precision cross pin which functions as a precision stop for the mating Hobe cutting tool. The Hobe cutting tool features a ground angle at the end of the tool which engages with the tool holder cross pin, guaranteeing exact radial and axial position. As the cap screw is tightened, it engages the shoulder ring of the cutting tool, thereby, causing the cross pin of the tool holder and the ground angle of the cutting tool to securely and precisely engage.

Shank flats are precision ground on each Hobe tool holder to assure proper engagement with your machine’s tool holder receiver. The Hobe system eliminates the need for tool adjusting or pre-setting and provides a repeatability of +/- 10 microns.

The Hobe system is designed for coolant through tool cooling and chip efficiency. The tool holder is designed with a through bore and a threaded connection port and each Hobe cutting tool features a corresponding coolant hole/channel. Hobe tools are available in TIN and TIALN coatings.

Hobe Inside Lathe Tools
Hobe Inside Lathe Tools

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