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PoliStar is the first of its kind driven lathe attachment for generating I.D. keyway and slotting features. The attachment utilizes a mechanical reciprocating motion which is powered by a drive specific to the turret drive of the lathe. The base attachment accepts an interchangeable cartridge that retains the carbide cutting insert. The inserts are available for standard inch or metric keyway and slot sizes or can be designed to generate a wide variety of special I.D. features. Standard inserts for slot and keyway widths range from 1.5 mm to 16 mm. The I.D. feature can be a single or multiple feature form.

The reciprocating motion is most similar in concept to a broaching operation and allows the user to complete the part on the lathe without secondary operations. The depth of cut and cycle time is dependent upon the material and feature being machined. The PoliStar attachments are designed for either axial or radial machining orientation with reciprocating strokes from 18 to 36 mm.

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