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PCS 250

A “smart” sensor…

PCS 250 Tool Monitor

If your needs call for a “teach-in” type sensor, we’ll match the PCS 250 to anything on the market and still save you hundreds of dollars per system, even if you buy just one.

The 250 is an amazingly smart sensor. Smart because it learns and remembers tool or object location at the touch of a button through 300° of CW or CCW swing direction. Amazing because there is no miniature reversing gear box necessary due to the fact there is no encoder.

The PCS 250 combines the tough, compact construction of modern rotary position sensor technology and software that’s unlike anything to come along in swing type sensors in years. That also means the narrowest standard checking window available from any teach sensor available today. The result is a high-speed, tough American-made sensor that’s ready to combat your toughest machining environments.

Teachings and Diagnostics

After mounting, teaching the sensor a tool or object’s location is as simple as pressing the teach button on the control box. Once the entire swing cycle has been learned, any low tolerance deviation from those parameters will be interpreted as a fault condition. This signal is instantly passed to the machine’s cycle stop or feed hold control.

A system fault will also occur if electronic failures exist between the sensor and the control box such as in the case of a cable disconnect or short.

Control Box

One compact TCU 250 Control Box is required for each PCS 250 Sensor utilized. Supply Voltage: either 24V DC (250 mA) or 120V AC with transformer provided. Operating temperature: 0-55°C.

Sensor Specifications

U.S. Patent 5,691,647 & 5,841,290

PCS 250 Specifications