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Shank Examples


  • 40 years of industry experience
  • Compact Cylindrical Body Design
  • Self Setting: No time wasted on setting time associated with adjustable bolted flange style holders
  • Heavy duty, high precision bearings designed to withstand axial and radial thrusts guarantees trouble free bearing performance and extended tool life
  • Simple or complex internal and external broaching attachment solutions
  • All popular shank designs for automatic or manual machines

The Poliangolar Attachment

The Poliangolar attachment is a simple, easy to operate attachment which produces regular or irregular polygons in blind or through holes The attachment works on a hunting rotary motion that generates internal or external shapes including hexes, squares, grooves, oblongs, rectangles, trapezoids, torx, stars and other special profiles.

Poliangolar can be installed easily and quickly on a wide variety of manual or automatic machine tools as part of the complete machining cycle or as a stand alone secondary operation. View our video, download our catalog , explore our application gallery or call us toll free to learn more about the capability and reliability of Poliangolar attachments.

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