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Buffoli Trans-Bar: Precision Static Bar
CNC Turning Machines

The TRANS-BAR is a transfer machine designed and built specifically for high efficiency bar machining. The basic elements have been custom engineered into a machining system that meets the unique challenges presented by bar stock parts.

TRANS-BAR machines are built in standard or special production models and can be equipped with movable spindles or multi- process centers. They are produced in three bar size ranges:

  • 7-25mm (9/32”-1”)
  • 7-45mm (9/32”-1-3/4”)
  • 7-75mm (9/32”-3”)

The 7- 25mm and the 7- 45mm versions have the unique advantage of double production, that is two bars at a time (allowing up to 3- 4 times the effective production of screw machines).

Not only are BUFFOLI bar machines able to reach high production volumes (up to over 10,000 parts/hour) but the CNC versions are extremely flexible and versatile, with change over times ranging from only 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours (our customers change over the machine 2, 3 or more times/ day, running batches of 1,000-5,000 pieces).

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