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Viewing Videos in the Browser

The Macromedia Flash Player plugin is required to view videos within the browser window on this website. Most users should already have this plugin installed or will be prompted to install it upon loading the video.

If the video still will not play, it is possible that you may have Flash videos blocked. This is a common practice to limit the advertisements seen while browsing. Check with your browser settings to change this.

To check to see if Flash is installed and active in your browser, go to the following site:

If you cannot see an animation at the top of the screen, Flash is disabled or not installed on your computer. There is a link to the “Player Download Page” below.

Downloading Videos

Videos can be very large files, so it could take a long time (especially overseas) to download the video regardless of your local connection speed. Once downloaded, the video can be played on a standard media program (Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc.).