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TPS has been involved in the application, sales, installation and service of tool monitoring systems since 1981. Having been an agent, designer, manufacturer and even a user, we’ve seen just about everything having to do with swing-type sensing applications. So when we decided to design and build sensors that would carry our name, we did so with a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. It would have been easy and less expensive to duplicate existing designs. Instead, our engineers were given the challenge of starting with a clean slate based on what we learned. That’s why all Positive Contact sensors are free from encoders dependent on miniature reversing gear boxes, slow speeds, miniature U-joints or even dedicated swing angles. Then there’s our innovative sealing design using twin, metal cased lip seals and other critical materials manufactured to the highest standards. Best of all it’s made by TPS with an unlimited cycle warranty. That adds up to the best price/warranty/service combination available anywhere.

The Positive Contact Warranty

Positive Contact’s experience-driven designs eliminate many internal sensor components that we feel are most likely to complicate your warranty claim. Since Positive Contact is made by TPS, regardless of where you buy your system, you’ll find no warranty fine print requiring your sensor to travel overseas at your expense for simple warranty determination or repair. Afterall, what good is any warranty or immediate replacement if there’s a sizable price tag and time lag associated just with the determination process, or even worse, a P.O. is necessary just to get the material moving? All Positive Contact systems carry a standard, no hassle, 24 or 48 unlimited cycle month warranty that’s free of extra service charges or the need to return the product with a P.O. Even our cable is covered for 24 months. Immediate replacements are always on hand when needed. What about post warranty service? You’ll find the same speed, commitment to service and concern for your bottom line years after your sensors have been in use. Extended or special condition warranties: Whether you’re a machine tool builder needing delayed warranty start dates or a user with special requirements outside of our standard warranty, we’re always ready to work with you and tailor a program that meets your specific needs.

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