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PCS 100
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Give it your best shot
Application Photos
What leading manufacturers say...
Design and service at its best
The Positive Contract Warranty
See the PCS in Action!
Positive Contact Tool Monitors
PCS 100
PCS 250
Give it your best shot
Application Photos
What leading manufacturers say
Design and service at its best
The Positive Contact Warranty
See the PCS in Action!

Here’s what leading manufacturers
say about PCS…

Company: Allen-Bradley, a Division of Rockwell International
Application: 20-station high speed trunnion machine
Conditions: Congested; total cycle time 1-1/2 seconds; in operation 24 hours a day
"We’re pushing this machine to the limit. Something as seemingly simple as a drill breaking had previously caused days of downtime. Who would have guessed that this little $800 sensor could have such a significant impact on our operation."

Company: Eaton Corporation
Application: 45 sensors operating on high-speed Hydromat® rotary transfer machines
Conditions: Congested; very fast cycle time; chip & coolant
"They’ve prevented the particularly catastrophic effects of broken tools on these machines. If a drill breaks, you can conceivably take out as many as 16 stations with it. The PCS units are a bargain by comparison."

Company: Husco International
Transfer Line
Conditions: Harsh; cast iron sludge; water-soluble semi-synthetic coolant
"It’s a heavy-duty environment. When a tool breaks, six others down the line can quickly go with it. It only takes a few of those to pay for a PCS system. The PCS units are about half the price, and from what we’ve seen of their performance, they’ll pay for themselves almost immediately."

Company: Parker Hannifin
Application: Eight-spindle screw machines
Conditions: High-speed machine producing 1,200 parts per hour
"We’ve got a PCS 100 checking just one drill, but if that drill breaks and goes undetected, a part could take out the rest of the machine. With the PCS, we’ve yet to have a problem."

A typical day in the tough life of a Positive Contact sensor.

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