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Wirth Gruffat Transturn TT312

How will you remain competitive in a market in which all of your competitors are utilizing the same rotary transfer technology utilized by your company?

Trans-Turn TT312

That is the question Wirth Gruffat asked its turned part industry customers. The result is Transturn, a revolutionary concept in transfer machining that combines the capability of a CNC multi-spindle screw machine with a CNC rotary transfer machine. Available in 6 and 12-station executions, Transturn will provide its users with an unparalleled level of capability, flexibility and speed.

TT312 Integrated Spindle System

One of the most distinguishing features of the Transturn machine is the integrated spindle system. Each standard spindle nose will accept standard quick-change Hainbuch collets, standard 2- or 3-jaw chucks or internal clamping arbors.

The second distinguishing feature of the Transturn design is the two 2-axis cross slides available at each station.